Styles of Worship


A Typical Sunday Service

Services start at 11:00, and are held within the sanctuary area upstairs. They are led by either local ministers, preachers, or our two worship leaders that we have at the church. We usually follow the lectionary readings, but it is up to the decision of each preacher if they wish to preach from different readings.

Cafe Worship

This is a more informal style of worship, and occurs on alternate months. Cafe worship begins at 10:30, when food is available, which is accessible throughout the service. Instead of being in the sanctuary, we worship in our church hall, which gives the space to sit around tables and create a relaxed atmosphere for worship. During this service, we have times of song, into which our music group may have input, and an opportunity for discussion, or to join in with a craft-based activity, which is available to all ages. These services are usually co-ordinated by one preacher, but consist of the contributions of a number of different members of the congregation, for readings, or dramatic dialogue.

Holy Communion

While this is an important time in our worship, there is no obligation for people to take part in any aspect that they do not feel comfortable with. Communion is usually led by either a Minister or a URC lay preacher, William Glasse, and occurs typically on the second Sunday of the month, but this can vary - see the Diary for this month's communion service.

We aim to ensure that we celebrate Holy Communon in the styles of both the Methodist and United Reformed Churches.